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What do you think of when someone says 'the latest technology'? Do you think of the tablet computer you are using now? or perhaps your smartphone or games console? If you lived 800,000 years ago the latest technology would have been a rock that had been carefully shaped so that you could crack an animal bone to eat the marrow inside.

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Moving forward 250,000 years you could use a flint scraper to help you scrape the flesh of an animal skin so you could wear it or make a pouch. Travel forward another 300,000 more years and you may be looking at your reflection in one of the most high tech objects of the time, a polished Bronze mirror.


Flint Arrowhead

Knapping a lump of Flint into an arrowhead was a highly skilful activity. The animation of the model serves to illustrate the process of turning a flint rock into a tool such as an arrowhead. This can be an abstract concept so seeing the process can help pupils understand how these tools were crafted. The facility to download and print or send away to be printed (about £6) then provides a further opportunity to 'look and feel'.

After revealing this ARtefact, which at first appears as a lump of rock, tapping it will begin an animation showing a flint arrowhead being "knapped". This is the process by which a lump of raw flint is shaped into an arrowhead by knocking off small pieces bit by bit.

Prehistory Triggers Flint Arrowhead FINAL IMAGE

Hand Axe Timeline

Using an interactive AR allows pupils to select and observe tools from different time periods, strengthening the link between the type and style of the tool and the period of prehistory from which it came. Conceptually, the material is an important part of naming the periods (retrospectively) and marks a step changes in technology.

This ARtefact is an interactive showcase of the evolution of an important tool, the hand axe. Selecting one of the "Palaeolithic", "Mesolithic/Neolithic" and "Bronze Age" buttons will reveal an axe from that time period.

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