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neanderthal triggerAll the people in the world today are part of a species called "Homo Sapiens". Neanderthals were a different type of person who lived thousands of years ago at the same time as early Homo Sapiens.

We are not descended from Neanderthals, but we do share a common ancestor so they are part of our family tree! We know about Neanderthals because archaeologists have found bones and other remains buried in the ground. From this evidence we know that they were just as clever as homo sapiens in many ways, using tools, speaking a language and living in communities, but they all died out between 35,000 and 30,000 years ago.



Neanderthal Face

Neanderthals are the subject of huge conjecture and controversy. We can't answer the main questions of what they felt, how they lived alongside our species and importantly, how and why they became extinct. We know that we share some of their DNA so they are part of us.

The worksheet illustration is based on the most recent evidence of what they probably would have looked like. By adding subtle expression and movement to the face, it is brought to life, showing pupils the similarities and differences to a modern human face, and importantly how we feel when confronted with this extinct race.

This ARtefact is an animation of a Neanderthal face, bringing the illustration to life

neanderthal trigger


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