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One of the most amazing and sometimes difficult aspects of prehistory is the amount of time it covers. Many periods of history on the curriculum cover at most a few thousand years, and more often a few hundred or even a decade or so. Prehistory in Britain covers nearly a million years of human existence. For much of this time, not much changed. Technological discoveries like fire, cooking, metal working were few and far between but massively important on the road to modern civilisation.

The Prehistory Timeline intends to give you an idea of just how much time is covered in this period, and the important discoveries and advances along the way that changed us as a species.

Artefacts and Mini Podcasts

This sheet is unlike the others in that it is designed as a primer. Teachers and pupils will probably have preconceived ideas of historical timelines and how they are 'event' driven e.g. A battle or act of parliament shaping things almost immediately with relatively easy to follow cause and effect. Prehistory is more about the gradual development of the human race.

The fact that the palaeolithic period lasts for most of the 800,000 years of the timeline with virtually no progress is a challenging concept in itself. The first sheet introduces the concept of the timeline, the lack of evidence, Britain becoming an island and the biggest change of all, the shift to farming. The AR elements are not the headline events but are triggers to activate mini podcasts on each of those areas.

Standing Stone

Standing stones are common in prehistoric Britain, the most famous of which is Stonehenge.

standing stone

Tapping the 3D model of the standing stone will play an audio podcast which provides an important introduction to the prehistoric timeline, an essential area of understanding for this subject.

The Landbridge

This short video shows the landbridge that used to join Britain to mainland Europe. The landbridge was flooded at the end of the last ice age.

Tapping this video will play an audio podcast which reveals the importance of the landbridge and how it possibly came to be flooded.


This ARtefact, a 3D model of mature wheat, will play an audio podcast when tapped.

Prehistory Triggers Wheat

This podcast covers the change from hunter gatherer to farmer in prehistory.

Cave Art

This short video showing the creation of a spatter paint hand outline will play an audio podcast when tapped.

Prehistory Triggers Hand Painting

This podcast talks about the evidence left behind by prehistoric people, how little of it there is and how archaeologists have to construct a picture of what prehistoric life was like.

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