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irish elkLong before humans began farming in Britain, they hunted for food and gathered food that was around them. That's why we call them 'Hunter Gatherers'. They knew what plants, roots and berries were safe to eat and because these only grew at certain times of the year, they had a varied diet.

Early British humans were 'nomads'. This means they travelled across the land, often in small groups, following the herds of animals and taking food from the land where they could.



Irish Elk - Megaloceros Giganteus

AR allows us to bring the Giant Elk back to life on the page. Pupils can study the elk as it walks across the page and see how similar it is to the elk and deer we recognise today, despite the vast antlers (which may be why it became extinct). This animal would have been one of the main food sources of prehistoric people.

The size comparison is made on the sheet - this was truly a huge animal. Prehistoric art evidence and bone remnants show that animals such as the giant elk were the most common food source.

Triggering this ARtefact reveals an Irish Elk, or Megaloceros Giganteus, walking across the worksheet. This huge animal which grew to be 3 metres tall was thought to have been hunted to extinction by prehistoric people.

Prehistory Triggers Irish Elk


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