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By the Neolithic (new stone age) era people had started to farm the land and domesticate animals which meant they needed to stay in one place. This led to the building of houses made from stone, wood and animal skins. As time passed from the Neolithic through to the Iron Age period, houses became more sophisticated and the construction techniques more complicated.

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Living Area Timeline

As with the Hand Axe Evolution AR, the interactive habitat sequence allows pupils to select and inspect different habitats from different periods of prehistory. This serves to illustrate how the habitats and homes differed over time. Several people have commented to us that they were surprised to see that a Mesolithic (middle Stone Age) house was more recognisable as a house than a later Iron Age round house.

This interactive ARtefact displays 4 different types of homes that prehistoric people lived in. By tapping the different buttons, labelled "Palaeolithic", "Mesolithic", "Neolithic" and "Bronze & Iron Age", a dwelling of that time period will be displayed.

Prehistory Roundhouse Render


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