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stonehenge trigger 1024There are circles of stone all around Europe. However, Britain and Ireland are the only places that archaeologists have found circles like Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire. Both of these stone circles are so unique and important they have been made a World Heritage Site.

People first dug the ditches that surround Stonehenge around 5,000 years ago. From that point other people have added stones up until around 4,200 years ago when the last stones were added. The stones have fascinated historians for years and even the Romans were intrigued to find out how these huge stones were set.




Pupils can inspect both the current and original forms of Stonehenge, seeing how it has changed over thousands of years. The sunrise video also shows the shadows cast by the original henge in a timelapse fashion. Again, evidence only hints at why Stonehenge was built and what happened (and with what significance) there. To see it as it was originally built allows pupils to theorise and better understand existing theories.

Tapping the 3D model of Stonehenge will play an animation, showing the current Stonehenge being replaced by the original version you would have seen thousands of years ago. You will also notice a button called "Sunrise". Tapping this will play a video showing the shadows thrown by Stonehenge during a solstice event.

stonehenge trigger 1024


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